I am attempting to do some PXE imaging via the workstation object. The PC contacts the PXE service finds work and gives the following message
Loading BOOT.DNX with Bootzen2.bin parameter.

It then fails because it can not find BootZen2.bin which does not exist in Zen 7 in the Sys:\tftp folder or anywhere else in ZDM 7

There was file by this name when we were running ZfD 4. I found an old copy of the bootzen2.bin file and put it into sys:\tftp. It was then downloaded but it failed trying to load linux.1, the ZfD 4 file name.

PXE image via manual methods (Ctl-Alt) works perfectly on a daily basis.

This is the first time I have attempted to use workstation initiated imaging since we upgraded to ZDM 7. Every time I tested under ZfD 4 it worked fine.

Where is BOOT.DNX getting supplied with or told to use the bootzen2.bin file. Should it not be using z_auto.cmd from the sys:\tftp\cmds folder. Is this an imaging problem or a workstation object issue? Where the information to use bootzen2.bin stored and how do I change it?

We have made changes to the initrd file for drivers and for NIC speed, but it is not yet in play when these errors occur.

I am running ZDM 7 SP1


Herbert E. Smith
The Hanover Insurance Group