I recently purchased UltraISO because I read that it could
tweak ISOs and make 'em over 4gb. I am having trouble,
however, using it to turn the ISO of a Zenworks 7.0.1 boot
CD into a custom boot DVD complete with my big image.

When I add Zenworks image lc15-2006ui4.zmg to the root
of the disk, as I have been advised to do by this Novell TID:
I am warned that the image will now exceed 4gb and am
told to convert the image to UDF, to which I say OK.

Fine, except that Novell wants it to either be ISO9660,
which is now greyed out in UltraISO's save options for
perhaps obvious reasons (ISO9660 file size contraints),
or UDF, but for UDF I'm supposed to include the udf.ko
from a SLES9 setup in the initrd. I have downloaded and
installed SLES9 mostly to get that **** udf.ko file, but
from what I understand it's a kernel object and I cannot,
in this Zen image, easily tweak the contents of initd.

I realize that this is mostly beyond the purview of what
UltraISO is supposed to cover, but this is the main reason
I bought the software. If it does not work as advertised, or
if I misunderstood some limitation, then I made a mistake.
Whatever the case, I seem to need advice or help.

Getting a stand-alone Zen 7 boot DVD working with this
proven image is very important to me. It could save me
hundreds of hours over time and, more importantly, help
position me to replace our Netware server with Linux or
Windows next summer. I'm doing the testing on my own
time and hardware because I want to test over the next
few weeks while U of MN students are out of town, and
because I've got better hardware at home than at work.

I do not have much time with a full-time job, a couple of
courses, and a small child at home, so I am loathe to
make big kernel mods in boot configs unless necessary.
That is, I want to resolve this as quickly, and as cheaply,
as possible. Any help would be appreciated.