Hi there,
I upgraded from ZDM 6.5 SP1 to ZDM 7 SP1.
After recovering Images to workstations and notebooks with the
ZDM7/SP1-Imaging-CD witch were built with the former Version, the OS
did not start - only a blinking cursor was to see...

I followed various TIDs discribing this bug, but with no effort.

Now I found:
If I tried to reimage a computer with the ZDM7/SP1-Imaging-CD and the
thing went wrong there is no chance to repeat it directly after that
with a ZDM6.5/SP1-Imaging-CD.

First I have to create a primary FAT32-Partition with tools like xfdisk
or pqmagic. Then recovering the Image with the old

I hope this will not be the only solution to reuse all our created