After having "Heap Dispose Fail" messages on our SIS900 NIC equipped motherboards, we tested a few with 3com 3c905C-TXM cards. Of our test group, we had 100% success reimaging PCs via PXE.

After picking up a little over 130 used cards, it seems that not all of them are created equal.

Here is what I've discovered:
(All cards are labeled as 3com 3c905C-TXM)
-On the back of the PCB, only REV03 has worked
-Cards with a chip immediately next to the ethernet jack labeled "PCA" or "bel" work 99% of the time (I suspect the remaining 1% are bad cards). If this chip is labeled "Pulse", it will not work.

I assign an image to a PC that is using one of the "non working" cards listed above. The PC boots to the NIC through PXE and sees the imaging server like normal. The PC then loads the the SuSE graphic and continues initializing the kernel. The PC waits at "Looking for Zenworks Config" for a while, then a red error message on a blue background states "DHCP configuration failed." This also happens when I try to enter manual mode.

If I re-run the test in either automatic or manual mode with a Zen boot CD (the boot CD was made before we upgraded to ZDM 7 SP1), it will image fine with all cards.

The discs that I use (and try to avoid since they're more labor intensive to image with) report Zen Imaging Engine 7.0.0.
When imaging with PXE on a "good card" (bel or pca chip), it reports Zen Imaging Engine 7.0.1.a. We are running ZDM 7.0.1. ZenPXE.nlm and zenimgds.nlm are both 7.00 . We run the proxy DHCP server on the imaging server.

Any ideas why some of these 3c905c-TXM cards always work with the CD but not all the way with PXE?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

-ben knorr
Westminster College