Hi everybody.

I'm pretty new to ZENWorks so please bear with me if the following might
be obvious to you (it is not to me :-)

From what a gathered on the group, it seems pretty possibile to take and
place an image of a virtual machine running either on VmWare or
Microsoft's Virtual PC.

Is it possibile to take an image on a VmWare machine when the ZENWorks
server is installed on another VMWare machine running on the same
physical box?

I mean, on my (real) Windows XP workstation I installed the following VMs:

Windows 2003 Server (ZENWorks server+AD+eDir)
Windows XP+SP1 (ZENWorks client)
Windows 98 (ZENWorks client)

Since I'm still learning, the above scenario allowed me to get acquainted
with the technology and everything works as expected.

Now I've just booted my Win98 VM and instructed the BIOS to use PXE for
boot; I see the


depicted on the screen but after a while the following appears:

proxyDHCP offers were received: No DHCP offers were received.

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM
Operating System not found

Since all of the above VMs are running on the same (real) server, do I
have to assume that it's not possibile to test the imaging service under
this environment?

Or am I missing something (99% sure I am :-)?

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