We're running the new hot patch 2 and noticed that the Dell
diagnostic/utility partition is no longer seen from the bash prompt
(using IMG DUMP). Regardless of SATA or IDE, all you end up seeing is
HDA2, 3, 4 or SDA2, 3, 4. The IMG program does not see the 1st
partition (SDA1 or HDA1) at all.
From the same bash prompt, FDISK has no problems seeing the Dell
partition, and even specifies the partition as "Dell Utility" under the
system heading.

Since we create/delete partitions using the IMG command instead of the
FDISK command in our scripts, this obviously is a problem for us. The
IMG program had no problems seeing and recognizing the Dell utility
partition under 2.6.5-7.191 (pre-SP1). I believe the Dell utility
partition is FAT12 format, but I'm not 100% sure of that. We just
noticed this problem when we updated to SP1, and was hoping that HP2
would fix it.

Would it be easier for us to just replace the IMG partition commands
with equivalent FDISK commands, instead of trying to fix this problem
Has anyone else seen this issue with Dell computers with the Dell
utility partition ?

TIA for you help.