Hi all,

I'm trying to make a image of my Vista Business (Released version), using ZfD 7.01 SP! on a Windows box. I've made hundreds of images with this configuration, and know the basics are working. But trying to image a Vista laptop from a small 40GB disk to a larger 100GB disk, seems to be a bit of a hazzle.

The image seems to be created just fine, and also the restore works without any mentioning of errors. But when booting the new disk on the same laptop (different disk), Windows cannot start and have to be "Repaired". Doing that using the Windows install disk, created a botable Vista, but with many problems and multiple files with same name in same directories...

So I've discovered that Vista is using some sort of file/disk encryption, which might be the reason for this....

Any other having any experience with imaging Vista? Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

Henrik :-)