I have a NW65 server (SP4 - I know I'm behind) with Zen7, sp1, HP2, one NIC with two IPs bound. After SP1 the server started locking up and both IPs would stop responding. The only way to get it back was give it the finger. I tried a different NIC with the same result, ruling out hardware issues. I have GW7 webaccess loaded and changed it to load in its own memory space and the problem went away. I installed HP2 yesterday and the problem is back.

It seems to be happening when a large number of machines reboot and contact the imaging server. I think they are trying to run update.s and they are getting hung up, as well as the server. This morning we had 50 PCs sitting at the image screen doing nothing. I actually tried an image last week by setting up the policy and the same thing happened at the PC end. I could boot to the CD or the ZEN partition and do a manual image session with no problem.

Is there a way to disable the automatic update of the ZEN partition from the server end, or does anyone have any clue what might be happening? Right now I have the image server not loaded unless we need to do an image, then it must be unloaded...