just upgraded a ZDM6.5 to 7.0.SP1

comparing sys:public\zenworks\imaging\bootcd.iso I can see, that the bootcd.iso is
a new file right now compared with the backup drawn before:

bfda805d2e2b026246817d4e19c28406 *bootcd.iso
24.258.560 Bytes in size.

bbie.exe tells there *is* boot code:

C:\>bbie \\zensrv\sys\public\zenworks\imaging\bootcd.iso
BBIE - Bart's Boot Image Extractor v1.0, (c) 2001, Bart Lagerweij
Reading boot record from sector 17 (0x11)
Reading boot catalog from sector 299 (0x12B)
1) mode "no emulation". Sector is 10929 (0x2AB1)
Writing 1 block(s) to "image1.bin"

MD5: 3a039420770611d5c25c98160142045d *image1.bin

After I burned the 3rd CDROM with the 3rd, different WinXP workstation, all times
with nero 6.0, disk at once, finalize, all the resulting CDROMs are *NOT*
booting on several different PCs. So I suspect, that the ISO image might be damaged?

Who pls could do me a favour to checksum his operational sys:public\zenworks\imaging\bootcd.iso
file to tell me, if mine is fine or broken? [1]

Where in the install CDROMs is the bootcd.iso hidden within ZDM7.0.sp1 install media?
I cannot find it. There was a thread upon this before. The conclusion given was to install
ZDM on a dummy server to grab it from the path given above.

Regards, Rudi.

[1] As a free MD5 GUI tool for windows I use http://www.toast442.org/md5/md5.exe

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