We are running Zen7sp1 on NW6.5 SP5. Sometimes we get PC's that dump out
of the PXE process and just say "Shutting Down Zenworks". If we boot the
PC and run ZisWin and clear the image safe data it will then image fine.
My questions are:

1. Should be be running ziswin and clearing the info before taking our
base image dump?

2. Do we need to run the ziswin.exe -install on all existing PC's that are
already images so they will be ready to image next time around?

3. We create an image for our PC's- send the PC off and when we order 500
or so they all come with that base image on them. Some of use customize
the image bofore imaging the rest of them. Do we need to clear the image
safe data befor sending off to be ordered?