My WS's zisd and edir ws object data are 'not optimum'. Sometimes I can't
remote wakeup a ws because the data in edir is incorrect. Other times is
wakes the machine up, but decides there is no work to do. I even get
machines that wake up, image and then stay at the same machine name as the
imaging master! Occasionally it works, and I'm all smiley.

History: The original w2k, Zenworks Starter Pack image master was migrated
to new hardware and Zen 7. We obviously didn't quite get that right and the
imaging process sometimes doesn't have all the right information in the
right place.

Is there a guide to what needs to be in edir and zisd for pxe-wake up, work
determination, and image fix-up tasks for me to be able to click and forget?

Oh, and can I throttle the multi-cast imaging process at the w2k3 imaging