Zen 7 SP1 HP2
Dell Optiplex 745's
Windows XP SP2, Novell Client v4.91 SP2

just wondering if anyone else has run across this...
after imaging several machines (using ConsoleOne to assign the image, PXE
to boot), the workstations are going into standby mode after 20 minutes or
so, even though we have standby mode disabled in Windows. We have them set
to screen saver at 10 minutes, then turn the monitor off after 20 minutes.
Everything else is disabled.

The wierd thing is, if I image one of them manually (PXE boot
menu->Maintenance Mode), the problem does not happen.

This would be just a minor annoyance, except that this is in a computer lab
(so they're sitting at the login prompt), you have to hit a key on the
keyboard to wake it up, and then the keyboard doesn't appear to work right
away. You have to click on the login box with the mouse to get it to start
typing. Users hate this and complain incessantly... If they just wouldn't
go to standby mode in the first place, we would have to worry about this
other issue with the USB keyboard...