We are having a similar problem to that described by Shane Schlosser a week
or so ago - Kernel Panic on Intel 865GLC board with HP2. We moved from Zen
6.5 sp2 to Zen 7 sp1 with hot patch 2 in order to be able to PXE image 150
new HP 7700 desktops. The hot patch made imaging work with the 7700s but
today we discovered that it no longer works with our 90 older D530
computers. Further testing revealed that it also works OK with our 90 or so
7600 models. So....we fixed the problem with the new machines but created
one for the older ones. And like Shane, we can do the D530 image with a
boot CD from the ISO file the comes with HP2. But I don't look forward to
re-imaging 90 computers with a boot CD and a settings.txt floppy.

Can anyone advise on how to get Novell to move on this and how to find out
what they might be doing? Seems like there is a growing group of us
discovering a similar problem.

Jim Talen
Grand Rapids Christian Schools
Grand Rapids MI