I have the latest Zen running (7.1 hotpatch 2)
I am able to utilize Pxe to image all of my machnies. Dell GX280, GX745, etc.

The problem that I do not yet understand is this.

1. Image a brand new PC. PXE Menu comes up, boot to maint mode, chose image, install, reboot.
2. O/S installs fine, everything works as billed.
(machine is not yet imported in to zenworks inventory)

3. If I try to re-image this same machine PXE will come up and state action:localboot and will not procede to the PXE menu any more.

I assume that this has to do with the transaction server.

Can someone point me to where I can make it so that the menu will always appear???
Does anyone know why this occurs..


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