Is it possible to set up a proxy dhcp server on a windows2003 server?
Here is my setup:

vlan 100,
pxe client,
windows 2003 dhcp server,
- dhcp option 66 (tftp server) set to
- dhcp option 67 (boot file) set to dinic.sys

vlan 200,
netware 6.5 server running zen7sp1 pdhcp and tftp,

My router (which I have no control over) is configured to NOT allow dhcp
requests between subnets, which I believe is where the problem lies.

Here is what I think is happening:

- pxe client issues a dhcp request on udp 67
- win2003 dhcp server replies on port 68
- pxe client issues a new dhcp request, hoping to get a reply from the
pdhcp server
- since the pdhcp server is on a different subnet, the request never makes
it to the server, so the pxe session fails

I've tried adding dhcp option 60 (PXEClient) on the win2003 server, but
that fails also, since it is not running proxy dhcp. My question is - is
there a way to get my win2003 box to run proxy dhcp, or somehow pass along
to the client that my tftp server is at ip address