We are having a problem with saving a image to server.
ZFD 7.01 with HotPatch 2. Same problem with ZFD 7.01.

The Initialize the PCMCIA Adapter are fixed.
(acpi=off nopcmcia=1 in tftp/cmds/z_maint.cmd).

But saving a image to the server are slow.2-4 MB pr minute.
The switc are correct configured. All other Pc models are working normal
on the same port.

BIOS settings:
Tried setting the "SATA Controller Mode option" to Compatible.
Tried setting the "Hard drive DMA" to Disabled

The Network Card are discovered as a
"Intel Corporation Unknown device 0x4227"
and other times it is detected as
"Intel Corporation 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller".

Loaded network driver are e1000 and running 100Mbps Full Duplex.

Any sugestions.

Regards Roar Skaare