I have downloaded HP3 and installed it in a testevitoment. The install
goes wel, no problems at all.

I created a boot CD from the bootcd.iso (date 12-02-2007 dd-mm-jjjj)

I boot the computer with this bootcd and it hangs immediatily. The
splashscreen will not come up. It hangs before that. The led's from the
harddisk en cdromdrive are nonstop ON.

This computer is a HP DC7700 vPro SATA (harddisk and cdromdrive). I
update the bios from 1.05 to 1.09.

I cant tell if the networkcard is now working, because it will not even

With SP1 I had no problems with booting but only problems with the

I read in the discussion "HP DC5750" that setting the SATA mode to
Native IDE. On this bios/model there NO such option to change that.

What to do know ?