There has been improvement on HP dc5700, it runs now the normal speed I
would expect from ZENworks. 15 minutes faster on our 2.4 GB image than with
ZEN7SP1 (10 minutes instead of 25 minutes).
Also works fine on:
- HP dx6100
- HP dc5100
- HP nc6320
- VMWare Workstation


HP3 runs much worse on MotionComputing LE1600 Tablet PCs. With ZEN7SP1
(2.6.5-based) it would load a 2.4 GB image in under 20 minutes. With
ZEN7SP1 HP3 ( it takes 110 (one-hundred-and-ten) minutes to
load the exact same image. So there is plenty of room for improvement and
maybe we will see Kernel and all the latest drivers in HP4 /
ZEN7SP2 / ZEN75 ? ;-)