I upgraded to zen7.0sp1 this week and it seems that everything went ok.
NOW I finally am able to image the tc4200 tablets that we have. To test
I uploaded an image the other day with no problems, went great and took
only about 10 minutes. This was only a test image upload to make sure
thing worked ok. Not a true image that I would want to push out to other
tablets, being that it was my own tablet.
Now I have created the image that I want to have saved for the deployed
tc4200 tablets and now when I try to upload the image to the server it
seems to hang 45 seconds into it.
I have tried different tablet's, I have tried different ports on our
network, different cables, all different kind of scenarios. It IS
working on desktop computers with no problem. We did three different
scenarios with desktops yesterday and it worked great. It just seems
like the tablets are hanging.
Thanks in advance!