I was eagerly waiting hp3 so I could image my Dell 320 and to be able to
image my Dell 270s again. I applied hp3 this morning to discover that...

1. The Dell 320 now showes a hard drive controller
2. However, the Dell 320 available hard drive space is "0"
3. My old Dell 270 images worked again.

If I make the change as directed in TID 3118806 (which came out before hp
3), the Dell 320 shows a hard drive space and it images with no problems.
However, after I make the TID 3118806 change, my old IBM ThinkPad R60s
will not image (cannot find a DHCP server).

I have noticed that the patch support for anything having to do with
NetWare, which includes ZENwork, has fallen off drastically. I'm finding
that OES Linux has plenty of support. Do you think that people running
ZENworks on OES Linux are having these issues?

University of Central Arkansas