Changing ZEN Images

Our Dept. has been using Zenworks imaging for a couple years.
In the beginning we had high hopes of using the zenworks boot-partition
for upgrades etc.
After much evaluation we've decided to continue using zenworks for
manually imaging PCs but not the boot-partition functions.

We've disabled the partitions on most PCs but as we continue manually
imaging PCs using zenworks we still have to create the ZEN partition,
restore the image to the PC and then disable the partition when

I guess this is due to the way our images we're set up in the

I've tried restoring one of our existing images to a
clean(non-partitioned) harddrive and then saving the image as a new
..zmg only to find that when I bring that new image back down to a new
harddrive, it will not boot, the computer can't find an operating
I've tried using "fixMBR" to see if maybe modifying the master boot
record would allow the PC to boot.

I'm basically wanting to re-create or convert our existing images into
a .zmg that will restore to a NON-ZEN partitioned harddrive.

Any input, ideas etc would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance . . .David