I need a solution that would allow disconnected imaging and want to create
a bootable DVD that will automatically restore a ZENworks image. I came
across a Novell document (3001732) titled "Steps to create a ZENworks
Imaging DVD." I followed the instructions in the document using WinISO as
my ISO editor. I used Roxio Creator Plus to burn the image to DVD.

When I try to boot a computer with the DVD, I get the following error message:

ISOLINUX 3.11 0x4496c9dc isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry.....
Boot failed: press a key to retry.....

The ZMG file I added to the bootcd.iso using a fully registered copy of
WinISO is 2.9GB . If I substitute a much smaller ZMG file (like about
100MB) in the ISO and burn it to a DVD, the computer boots like it's
supposed to.

So, I know there's no error in the isolinux.cfg, myscript.s, or
settings.txt files. Is the problem because of the larger ZMG file? If so,
how do I overcome this problem?