I am not a Linux Expert.
With every new version of ZfD, or new HotPatch, there is a new kernel.
(correct me if i am wrong)

Is it possible to add some functionality to the bootcd that is
delivered with every update to make it easy to add new drivers and
settings to ZENPXE ? (compilers etc...)

So i can type a command

Process copies INITRD, etc to C:\ZENPXE\PXE (example NTFS
Reads out C:\ZENPXE\DRIVERS and compiles/adds everything in that
Gives me few questions about settings
And then compiles a new set to C:\ZENPXE\NEWPXE

Which i can copy to my SYS:\TFTP environment.

Goal is to make it for everyone easy to update their PXE environment.

Greetings, Michel Woltjer