Hey folks - I'm working with a customer who has yet to upgrade his ZENworks
beyond 6.5 (budgeted for next fiscal year). He has purchased several new
PCs, however, with NICs that are only supported within the SP1 release of
ZEN 7, so PXE is failing to work on these systems.

My question is - does Novell support an update of just the PXE driver
database to its newest version, even if the entirety of ZEN has not been
upgraded yet? Meaning, could I grab copies of the sys:tftp folder, as well
as PXE-required updated NLMs (tftp.nlm, pdhcp.nlm, dts.nlm), copy them to
the NetWare 6.5 server, and obtain the newest ZEN 7 SP1 PXE driver support?

It just seems extreme to deny support to an existing ZEN 6.5 customer due
to lack of driver support in one of its many components.

Please advise, and thanks!