On Zen 7 and 7sp1 we had our own scripting working fine. The first menu
was altered to boot to the prompt where prompt.s would exec our script
which is a simple menu to pull down the base and multiple addon images
based on your selection.

Recently we have been having some DHCP issues on the newer R60 laptops, so
we decided to go to HP3 all the way around for the most recent NIC support.
After much effort(and I feel too much) I was able to deflate the initrd
and place my script files in bin then rewrap it back up. Now for my
current issue.

Initrd process through and gets as far as pulling a DHCP address. After a
few seconds, it brings up a Linuxrc menu and I can't seem to navigate out of.
This menu comes up with or without my scripts placed in the archive(ie
altered or unaltered enviroment). What the heck is this? How is this
triggered and how do I get it to just process like it id in the Suse 9