I am new to ZEN imaging. I think I understand the concepts but putting
it into practice causes me problems. So far I have the following

1. Is there a way to clear the image save data info from the Linux
bash prompt or do I have to run zisedit and manually clear the fields.

2. Is there a command to add to the end of the settings.txt to cause it
to run img at the end of the startup. Ideally I would like to have the
bootcd.iso just boot into manual imaging and then run 'img' so I am at
the GUI dialog to do imaging.

3. Is there a way to pre-populate the path to image archive in img so
that it has the path we would use? Currently it shows as
//{ImageProxyIP}/path/archive.zmg. I tried to add img at the end of
settings.txt but then the bootcd.iso just hangs when I use it to boot
the WS.

4. What is $Logfile for that I see being imaged at the beginning of
each image?

5. How, exactly, do I put additional video drivers (or other drivers)
in the video subdir for add-on imaging? (Trying to follow Matthew
Warden Whited's Appnote.) For Dells do I just download the Video
driver, run the program and then cancel out of it just before it starts
the setup? Then copy the files from the exploded dir to an appropriate
subdir with the add-on image program?

6. Once you exit back to the Linux bash shell. What is the correct way
to reboot the PC? If I type exit' I get an error "

Thanks for any help,