I was working on setting up a base image on a Dell Optiplex GX620. I
had already imaged it once and then pushed down the image and
everything worked fine with ZfD 7.0 SP1 HP3 and the bootcd.iso. Then I
upgraded the Dell BIOS from A06 to A11 (A11GX620-BIOS_A11.EXE).

Suddenly when booting from the bootcd, ZEN no longer recognizes the
keyboard or the mouse when I come to the first Zen image menu where it
gives you the option for automatic or manual mode. The computer
recognizes the keyboard during the post and I can move around in
F2-Setup just fine. It is just ZENworks imaging that doesn't work.

This is a USB keyboard (no ps/2 ports) and I tried another keyboard
without any luck.

To the best of my knowledge I am using the latest code for ZfD imaging.
Any ideas?