How do I extract the files that Sysprep needs to install something like
the video driver for a Dell Optiplex GX620 so it installs
automatically? This file is Dell R135061.exe which is an ATI Radeon
X600 256M video card. If I unzip it,there are a series of directories
and setup.exe programs. There isn't just a bunch of drivers and an
..inf file that Sysprep can search for to install a plug and play
driver. How can I get this to install automatically after a sysprep'd
image is pushed down?

Also, does Sysprep only search the directories specified in the
"OemPnPDriversPath=" (specified in sysprep.inf) and not sub-paths? I
had specified an "\winxp\network" path in the OemPnPDriversPath
variable, for instance, but the actual .inf file was in
\winxp\network\winxp\v8.22.1 dir. Do I have to have the files in that
dir actually located in the \winxp\network dir for sysprep to see them
and automatically install the NIC?