Back on May 12, 2006, Frederic Martineau wrote about a technique he
uses to prevent Sysprep from adding the Media player icon and MSN icon
to the desktop. The text of the message is printed below.

This does not work for me. After the machine has rebooted after
Sysprep if I try to manually run 1strun.vbs I get a VBS script error at
line 1, character 10. The error is a compilation syntax error and the
error code is 800A03EA. I copied the text of the vbs script right from
his message so I don't think I have a typo. The location of the error
points to the forward slash before the i:. I checked the syntax of
sysocmgr and that is correct syntax. If I change the file to a .cmd
file, it runs OK. Can I exit Sysprep with a .cmd file?



Frederic Martineau wrote on Fri, 12 May 2006 14:33:33 GMT

> You need to create this file:
> c:\comp.txt
> [Components]
> Mplay = off ; Windows media player
> wmPOCM = off ; show Windows Media Player shortcuts
> msnexplr = off ; Installs MSN Explorer
> wmaccess = off ; show Windows Messenger shortcuts
> You need to run this command:
> sysocmgr /i:%windir%\inf\sysoc.inf /u:c:\comp.txt /r
> I run these thing automaticaly in the
> [GUIRunOnce]
> Command0="c:\drivers\1strun.vbs"
> of the sysprep.inf