I am running NW6.5 sp6 and zfd7sp1 with hotpatch 3 and have image hanging
issues. The image process goes throught all the way until the last file in
the image and hangs up. It will sit at the last file for a while, then
eventually reboot and begin the imaging process again. If I interrup the
reboot after imaging, the machine error with bootup issues. This is
happening regardless of the image or computer imaged. I have edited the
image and removed what I thought was a corrup file, but then the same thing
occurs, but on a different file. Every time it hangs, it appears to be the
last file in the image. The newest computers are Dell 210L models. I have
tried enabling compatibility mode on for the SATA drive w/o any success. It
is also happening on images with HP/Compaq workstations. This started when
ZFD was at 6.5. In hopes of fixing the issue, I upgraded to ZFD 7 with SP1
which did not fix the problem, then put on hot patch 3 and problem persists.
I have also added ACPI=OFF in the z_auto.cmd and z_maint.cmd files. Any
help would be appreciated.