Our new core 2 duo machines come with the newer broadcom adapters.

If you boot to imaging, during boot it fails at Linuxrc with a No Network
device found. Fine, no issue. I follow TID #3421576 and probe the device
to see what the HWID says it is.

We have 2 different NICs. 0x14e4 0x169a and 0x14e4 0x169b. I add the
newid= command at PXE menu and it loads fine. After further inspection,
the lines newid= blah blah already exist in linuxrc.conf for both of these

So my question is 2-fold. Adding the 'newid=' line in the cmd file seems
redundant since I thought it was just passing that info down to the kernel.
If it already exists in the conf file, why doesn't it auto probe and why
does adding the exact same line into the cmd file make it work?

My second part of the question is: If I have to add both devices into the
cmd file, how is the syntax to do so?


KERNEL boot/linux
APPEND initrd=boot/initrd vga=0x314 newid="0x14e4 0x169b,tg3" newid=
'0x14e4 0x169a, tg3" install=tftp://$TFTPIP/boot rootimage=/root