Hi, I Have been look at the imaging problem We are having related to the
Intel 965 motherboard. I have already applied the hot patch 3
(ZDM7SP1_HP3_20070220) this has upgraded the Linux kernel to However Im still having a problem with the kernel
finding the cdrom at startup. It just stops with the error message
Could not find the ZENWorks installation CD. Activating manual setup
program. I have done some research and it looks to be a problem with
the kernel not supporting the IDE controller architecture. It appears
that the problem has been fixed in later kernel updates unfortunately I
dont know how to add the fix to the Imaging CD. Any suggestions would
be great.

Things I have tried:
insmod=ide-generic //no change
all-generic-ide //no change
Changed the ACHI settings in the bios //no change

I'm willing to try to recompile the kernel but I'm new to Linux so I
would need some instructions on how to preserve the imaging engine.

Thanks for your help.