I work for a medium sized high school with approximately 350

I'm re-creating all of the images for the worstations as they need
updating, and optimized for future manageability. We are also looking
to take out our now 'legacy' Windows AD Domain, as we are moving
completely to eDirectory; another reason for new images.

I've created 6 base images for each type of workstation we have in
school. These contain Windows XP Pro SP2 + NW Client 4.91 SP3 + ZfD 7
+ Drivers

I'm interested in using Zen application (add-on) images for both
Microsoft Office 2003 Pro and Macromedia Studio MX. Because all 350
workstations need these two packages, distribution via NAL is not
suitable. Instead, these add-on images would be distributed via
multicast using additional settings.

I've created a Zen MSI application for MS Office 2003, and used a MST
that I created with MS ORK. I tested this via NAL and all works fine.

Next, I created an image from this application with 'Run Once' and
'Force Run' ticked. Using this new image, I created a Zen Imaging
object using a base image and the MS Office add-on. I associated a
couple of test workstations with the new zen image object.

The workstations pull both images down successfully, and upon reboot
and first login, MS Office installs and completes.

THE PROBLEM: We would like the MS Office add-on to install on first
system startup (and not first login). Is this possible? Because we are
looking to move towards lights-out imaging & distribution, a one-off
login to install add-on application images is not possible.

If this can not be done, I'm open to other suggestions.

I've considered incorporating MS Office & Macromedia Studio into each
base image, however this does create it's own problems when we later
move to MS Office 2007, as each image will need to be re-created.

I would prefer the method of separate images for each workstation and

Any help much appreciated!


Darren Bewsher
Stretford High School