I have a decompression error as described in TID 10099971 with the file
$Extend$UsnJrln when trying to restore an image to a PC.

I first had Zenworks 6.5 SP2, so I followed the instructions in TID
10099971 to upgrade first to Zenworks 7, then Zenworks 7 SP1... but the
problem remains... I saw that a new article came out today with the newest
Patch 3 for SP1, but the system does not permit me to install it, saying
it is not able to find out if Zenworks 7 is installed... Sure it is
installed, as is SP1 and I had no problems or error messages during the
installation. For information the Zenworks Image Version is 7.0.1.a

So what next.. I'm a bit angry, having lost all that time for no result...

Has someone another idea ?