Ok, we are currently trying create a back of our panasonic toughbook 74,
but everytime it gets done downloading the initrd file, it goes to a
black screen, and doesn't go any farther. It never gets to the hardware
detection phase. If I revert back to the files from Zen 7 SP1, it will
get past this, but then will not load the driver. We are currently using
Zen 7 SP1 with HP3 on Netware 6.5. Anyone else having this issue?

We got a Itronix VR1 unit in that uses the Marvell Yukon card, but low
and behold, it worked just fine. It only seems to be affecting our
Panansonic Toughbook 74's. If anyone out there is able to get this to
work, and has a working initrd file, could you please share this with us.