I got a quick question. Maybe I have been making things harder than they
needed to be, but I just went and grabbed HP4 because of the updated
imaging environment. There is the separate "just imaging environment"
file, so I grabbed that since that is all I really care about at the

Once opened, there is only 4 files in there:

and the bootcd.ISO.

So, this leads me to believe that the 3 files are basically all I care
about if I wanted to update my field servers to HPx when there is an
imaging environment update. I guess it makes sense, but I had assumed
there was something else being updated when doing the whole deal.

This will make life ALOT easier since I don't need to push a full update
to 70+ servers throughout the US and canada and maybe introduce
bugs/issues with things such as inventory. Plus will put my counterpart
at ease that we can push 30 megs of files that can be swapped out rather
than a full update to a server may or may not be able to be removed.