Due to an issue a couple of years back with our imaging scripts, all
our PCs have the same SID. It's not something we had noticed till now,
as it wasn't causing an issue, but it is now, and we need to change

I'd like to be able to use ziswin to finish off the process 'properly'
as it were, and indeed, when I use ziswin to manually set the just
imaged flag, it goes off and generates a new SID, and everything is

The problem is, that I can't seem to find a way to set the JustImaged
flag from Windows - so I can build a zen application for it. I've
found some tools to READ the Image Safe Data, but none to WRITE it...
Is there anything available to do it?

If not, there are a couple of ways to do it.. One would be to run a
custom imaging script automatically and set the flag using zisedit in
Linux, but that seems a bit heavy handed... The other way would be to
run newsid, but I'd like to try and keep a 3rd party tool out of it if
I can (even tho sysinternals is part of Microsoft).

Does anyone have any suggestions?