We've just downloaded and installed the imaging part of HP4 so that we
can setup some Dell OptiPlex 745s, and my scripting is now failing.

The issue is that /etc is softlinked to /mounts/instsys, which is a
read only file system. It won't let me remount it rw, as it's
complaining that /dev/loop0 is read only. Changing the permissions on
that doesn't help either.

Problem is that I need to modify /etc/ld.so.conf, so that I can add in
a couple of additional library directories (/usr/local/lib) for some
of my scripting tools. I also need to add in some .conf files as well
for the utilities, and with a RO file system, it's not letting me.

Is there a solution for this, or do I need to roll back my imaging?