Working with creating a universal image for our 4 models of HP
computers. All is going pretty well except one problem. Wondering if
anyone else has run into this and what fix they may have found.

I can get all drivers to load on all models but one.....the Realtek
audio driver on the 5700. The only way I can get this driver to load
is to extract and install on the 5700 manually. If I extract...then
copy to the 5700 and try to still doesn't install. In
Device Manager I get "PCI Device" showing as installed (yellow question
mark and exclamation mark).

A couple of things I've tried:

1. copy drivers to c:\drivers as with the other drivers and pointed to
them through sysprep.inf
2. Same as above but added setup.exe to the cmdlines.txt file
3. Same as above with the whole downloaded file (unextracted) and
pointed to it through the cmdlines.txt file

Anyone have any other suggestions as how to get this driver to load
through sysprep?

Thanks in advance.