Have a strange problem imaging a Dell Optiplex 320 machine on 2/3 of our
local LANS.

We have have LAN A (main office) connected to LAN B and LAN C via MPLS
WAN. Running ZFD 7.0 SP1 on LAN A (might have Hot Patch 3 but I'm not
sure) and ZFD 7.0 SP1 definitely with Hotpatch 4 on LAN B and LAN C.
NW6.5SP5 on all Netware servers.

The Dell machine will image fine sitting on LAN A imaging from LAN A

The same machine will not image sitting on LAN B imaging from LAN B
server. Same for LAN C. Tries to image for approx 3 minutes then get the
error 'No eligible partitions available to receive image' When you then
try and view the partitions from the img program it thinks they have gone.
If I try and Add a partition it falls over with a segmentation fault.
However the machine will boot into Win XP so they are in fact still there.
In addition, an older Compaq iPAQ sitting on LAN B will image fine from
the LAN B server.

When you try and image the machine sitting on LAN A from the LAN B server
it works. That, and the fact that the iPaq will image, suggests there's
nothing wrong with the ZEN installation on the LAN B server.

Therefore there's something strange happening on LAN B stopping the
machine from imaging.

LAN C exhibits exactly the same problems as LAN B.

Anyone any ideas on this one?