Hi, I'm running ZfD 7 sp1 Hotpatch 4 on Netware 6.5 SP6. I'm trying to
create automatic multicast image session, but I'm having trouble.

I launch ConsoleOne, choose server properties, then go to ZENWorks
Imaging. I select "add" under "Mulicast Sessions Configured for this
Imaging Server:" and give the session a name. Once I get to the
Mulitcast Session Settings screen, I can't browse to select the Master
Image Source. I can browse to select a workstation to use as the
master, but the button beside "Use this image file as the master:" is
grayed out. I've tried manually adding the file path using UNC
notation, netware file paths and whatever else comes to mind, but none
of that works. When my PC boots from PXE, it sees that it needs to pull
down an image and proceeds normally. However, once it gets to the point
where it's actually going to do the imaging, I get an error message to
the effect of "server cannot open specified image file."

Anybody had this problem? I have about ten different servers in my tree
that do imaging, and they're all having this same issue. Thanks,