Is anyone else having an issue with the network card drivers in Dell 170L's
or other Intel Pro100 based cards?

Since updating the imaging partition to support our Dell 745s we seem to
have lost support for the 170Ls in the linux imaging partition. From what
I can see, the E100.ko driver loads and reports that it has a 100Mb Full
Duplex network connection but never passes any traffic via eth0 (according
to the network card system information in yast). DHCP requests also fail
(they succeed on pre-745 compatible images).

I'm using the ZDM7SP1 HP4 imaging resources currently but have tried all
the ones post ZDM7SP1 HP1 (which we needed for 745 support).

However, I've just tested it with the boot.iso that comes with HP4 and it
works from the iso (?) just does not appear to when when the PC is booted
via PXE...???