I am trying to set up an imaging system here and have a PC that I have
installed XP SP2 on and prepared it for imaging. I have followed the
docs and created a sysprep.inf file with the OemPnPDriversPath
parameter and added the correct path for the drivers that I want to
use. I use an add-on image to push down the drivers.

When I push down the sysprep'd image and then the add-on image for the
drivers and reboot the WS, sysprep starts, and seems to run OK but on
reboot, I don't have any drivers installed!

If I look at the
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Dev icePath key after the
WS has come up, it has the correct values so that what I put in for the
OemPnPDriversPath has been transferred to the registry.

Also, after the image is pushed down and WS is rebooted, if I go into
Device Mgr, right click an unknown hardware device, choose update
driver and tell it to install automatically but only from the local
path, then it finds the drivers so the drivers should be in the correct
location and the registry key should be OK.

Why don't the drivers install during mini setup?