I recently upgraded to Zenworks 7 SP1 from Zenworks 6.5 SP2. Previously I
tried creating a base Windows XP image and then distributing add-on images
of apps such as Office 2003 but could never get it to work. I eventually
gave up and instead put the apps as forced applications for a specific
eDirectory user and had the techs login as that user when imaging. Now I'm
taking another crack at add-on images but having limited success.

I read through Matthew Warden Whited's AppNote about add-on images
(http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/appnote/11671.html) and once I get that
working I plan to expand based on James Davey's Cool Solution for
automatically logging into Windows on first boot
(http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/trench/3610.html). I created a base
Windows XP image with the current Windows critical updates, Novell Client
4.91 SP3, and Zenworks Agent 7 SP1. I have successfully pushed that out to
another workstation. Next I created the generic add-on image folder
structure using Zenworks Image Explorer, did a "save as", and created one
based on the desktop I'm testing with the audio, network, and video drivers.
These driver installs use exe files. I then took a look at creating
Application Objects using Snapshot but decided against it as I don't trust
myself to get all the files into the correct locations. Instead I used
ConsoleOne to navigate to the Common > Imaging tab of an MSI application and
created an image with force run and force cache selected. Lastly I modified
Matthew's script to fit my network and tested it out. The script will push
down Windows XP just fine and will copy down the zmg files for my drivers
and my test apps (one an MSI file the other just puts a shortcut on the
desktop). Zenworks reboots, the workstation goes through Windows XP mini
setup, and I check the box at the Novell client login screen to login as
workstation only. I navigate the Start Menu and launch the Zenworks
Application Explorer. The Zenworks add-on image that is set to create the
shortcut does its job but the other two are not installed.


1. Matthew's article talks about creating driver sets for each model
computer. That makes sense. However, do I need to somehow create an
eDirectory object for the driver image file? And if so, how do I create

2. At present the eDirectory application objects are associated with the
users OUs. In order for them to install as an add-on image must they also
be associated with the Workstation OU? If so, what settings should it have
on the associations tab (force run, etc.)?

3. When I read the Zenworks 7 SP1 Admin Guide section on the Common >
Imaging tab it seems so straightforward. What other tabs must I check in
the eDirectory application object in order for it to function as an add-on
image? Are there some that must be checked if the image just puts files
somewhere vs. an exe file vs. a MSI file?