Hi all,

We recently upgraded to Zen Imaging 7 SP1 Hotpack 5 to workaround the
issues with the Q965 chipset. Previously, I was using the Imaging 7 cd.
My question is about how I would start a manual imaging process?

At the PXE boot menu, I hold down Ctrl-Alt to bring up the Zen Imaging
Maintenace Menu. From there, I select Start Zen Imaging. It boots the
kernel and the initrd script from boot. When it finished, I'm left at a
menu with the following:

System Information
Kernel Modules (Hardware drivers)
Start Installation or System
Verify Installation CD-ROM/DVD
Eject CD
Exit or Reboot
Power Off

Am I doing something wrong? I normally use the CD and select manual
imaging from the menu. Any help is appreciated.