OK, excuse my ignorance on this one, but I admit I don't understand
what I've done <g>.

After using ZEN since version 2, I'm finally in a place where I have
the time (and need) to use the workstation imaging. I've created a
new base image of our typical workstation and saved it as an
eDirectory ZEN Image object. I modified the server policy to re-image
any workstation (I thought) that currently did not have an associated
ZEN Workstation object in the tree.

I deleted the workstation object for the station I used to set up my
base image, wiped the hard disk clean, rebooted it and PXE picked up
and deployed the base image. Sweet!

This morning, I come in and have phone calls from four people who's
workstations have been re-imaged. Aaahhh! I checked the container
where they're User objects are located, and indeed, there is an
existing workstation object with the Name & MAC address for their
stations. Whoops! I've unchecked the Server Imaging policy until I
figure out what's happening....

So what did I miss? Why did stations that _are_ resisted in
eDirectory getting a new base image? Thanks!

Bill Valaski
Director of IT
CDS Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH USA