My company are running custom scripts when it comes to the imaging part.
After installing the newest patch for zenwork desktop management, the
settings.txt file changed its structure and i had to insert the section
for #download custom scripts again so it could recognize the custom
scripts that we are using.

#Download custom scripts
tftp -m binary $PROXYADDR -c get $PROXYADDR:custom/ansatt.s /bin/ansatt.s
chmod +755 /bin/ansatt.s

The problem is:
Im trying to roll the custom script that my company is using and writing
down the name of the script.
It seems like it does not recognize the script name and a error message
appears with bash: /bin/ansatt.s: Permission denied.
How can i get around this problem so i can use the custom script that my
company is using?
Anyone have a clue?