with hp4, I had to add to the pxe menus (z_main.cfg, z_auto.cfg) the
insmod=tg3 boot parameters (same for e100, e1000)
hp5 is now ok for this, but having other issues, as my previus post


Scott Campbell wrote:
> I have just tried the Zen7sp1hp4 and hp5 image cds against a HP Compaq
> 6710b and neither appeared to pick up an IP Address for this machine.
> Infact they didn't appear to be initialising the NIC.
> Oddly enough running
> hwinfo --netcards
> it shows me the card and even how to initialise the card.
> I did as it suggested,
> modprobe tg3
> then I did a ifconfig etho0 up but that didn't pick up the IP address,
> so I ran /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/dhcpcd-hook-samba and got an IP
> Address.
> Tried the same CD on a slightly older Notebook attached to the same
> switch, it picked up an IP address without a problem.
> It seems odd that it didn't automatically do this on startup...
> Anyways - thrown out there incase anyone comes across the same issue...