Okay, I've made it this far. Our newer computers that have the RTL 8169
gigabyte NIC aren't automatically loaded so they have to be manually
completed. Upon researching this problem, I came upon this:

The above article basically stated I needed to complete two steps.

The first step was the creation of a script that allowed the RTL8169 to be
loaded up. The following lines were added to this script file:

cd modules
insmod r1000.ko
ifconfig eth0 up
/sbin/dhcpcd -B eth0

I then saved the script file as RTL8169.s

I then edited the settings.txt file to include the following line:

bash rtl8169.s

After completing these two tasks, I used an ISO editor. I put the
settings.txt file into the root and placed the rtl8169.s file into the
addfilesbin directory of the ISO.

I then burned the ISO to CD and then booted up the CD. Everything went
fine and it got to the BASH prompt. When I went into the bin folder, the
rtl8169.s file wasn't there. I reloaded the CD with the bash rtl8169.s
line commented out and the script was loaded into the bin folder.

When I went to execute the script manually, I got a whole bunch of errors
of file not found and the syntax of the ifconfig command was incorrect. I
thought is was something I did but when I did each line manually, I had no
trouble so this is confusing me as to why this is happening with a script
that has the exact same command I did manually.

What I am trying to do is ensure that the RTL 8169 gigabyte ethernet cards
are loaded automatically instead of me having to go through and do each of
them manually.

Thanks for your help,