I'm currently going through and following all the TIDs and
documentations I can find on compiling my own drivers and adding it to
the Zen boot disk. For starters...man, it's a pain in the *signal lost*

Anyways, I was able to compile my own network drivers, but apparently it
won't work as it was compiled under a different source. My kernel was
2.6.15-x.xxx and Zenworks is 2.6.5-7.244. So, I went to the download
link provided by the documentation to download the 2.6.5-7.244 source
files so I can recompile my network drivers. The problem is that the
documentation said that the compressed file should contain the
linux-2.6.5-7.244 directory and the linux-2.6.5-7.244-obj directory. It
only contained the former and not the latter. When compiling my drivers,
I need the files from the obj directory.

Anybody know where I can find the 2.6.5-7.244-obj directory to download?

Thanks in advance.